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Uncompromising Quality, Unparalleled Versatility, Unbelievable Sound...

For nearly 40 years Master Luthier Stuart Spector and his small group of dedicated artisan craftsmen have quietly made some of the finest electric basses in the world.  Never satisfied with the accomplishments of yesterday; Stuart is constantly pushing new boundaries and exploring new vistas where his experience and skill can bring extraordinary new tonal possibilities to the electric bass. Through the years Spector® has brought numerous design and technical innovations to the marketplace, forever changing the role of the electric bass in music. 

Spector® makes a wide range of electric basses for every level of player; from beginners to seasoned professionals.  With an emphasis on tone, playability and ergonomics, Spector® basses can be found in every genre of popular music and are the preferred choice of over 700 endorsed professional musicians. 


Australia (+61) 3 8761 6293