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No matter if you're just starting out or just starting a world tour, we have the guitar for you...

For more than 40 years, Alvarez has displayed an unwavering commitment to acoustic guitar quality, playability and aesthetics. Our collection of premium musical instruments and the skilled professionals who play them are a testament to this ideal.


At Alvarez we approach the design and development of all of our instruments in the same way, no matter if the guitar is an all-solid Alvarez-Yairi or a more entry-level instrument from our Regent Series. Every single detail is considered, every chance we have to make our guitars play, sound or look better is taken. The compromises we have to make to produce less expensive instruments, are only made when we’re confident we’ve optimized the instrument in every single way we can for it’s price point, thus delivering true quality and value.


Each model is designed to get the best out if its components, and for them to work together to produce a tone and player experience, rarely found in affordable instruments.

The sound is warm, open and powerful, and both the treble and bass registers are clearly present and balanced in relation to each other. These guitars feel right and are exciting to play and responsive. Dig in and they shout right back at you, treat them gently and they whisper warmly and respond instantly to the lightest strum or pick.

The solid ‘A’ grade Sitka spruce and cedar tops are hand selected from quarter-sawn wood. This gives consistent quality, and its no secret better guitars are made from better wood. Our tops not only look great but they are stiff and strong and finely grained, allowing us to cut them just that tiny bit thinner, which lets them dance a little more and produce a lot more vibration, and ultimately a richer tone.


Beautifully voiced, professional guitars made from all-solid seasoned tone woods delivering outstanding performance.

The development of the All-new Masterworks Series has been two years in the making, which has resulted in an innovative construction allowing these guitars to sing like no others in their price point. Beautifully balanced, with exquisite separation and articulation. Lots of bass and a sparkling upper register generate a full tonal spectrum that will put a smile on your face every time you pick it up.

Masterworks guitars have an open-pore finish to the back and sides allowing the wood to move and sound they way it should, and both the top and neck have a satin finish, which means they look fantastic, and feel great to play. Every component is made from natural materials including rosewood and maple bindings and purflings.

The tops are all hand selected and the line offers ‘AA’ grade Sitka spruce and perfectly grained cedar soundboards. Green Abalone inlays, ebony bridge pins, real bone saddles and nuts and Grover tuners set these understated; stylish looking instruments off perfectly.


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