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Lee Oskar Harmonicas - Pro Design - Power Harps!

The Lee Oskar Harmonica System was designed by a pro in collaboration with Tombo to be the best harmonica in the world.

The unique comb projects a bigger sound while wider chambers and narrow dividers allow for fast and easy playing.

Available in every key, the interchangeable reed plates are machined with the highest standards, and fit the recessed comb using only three screws to insure air-tightness.

Stainless steel cover plates are corrosion-free and engineered for excellent projection and tone.

In 1983 Oskar formed a company to manufacture high-quality harmonicas. His company, Lee Oskar Harmonicas, sells harmonicas suited to many different styles of music, including blues, folk, rock, R&B and country. Lee Oskar's harmonica company celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.


Australia (+61) 3 8761 6293