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For more than 115 years, GUITARRAS MANUEL RODRÍGUEZ has been making instruments in the tradition of the Madrid School of Spanish guitar making.

The family business was founded in Madrid in 1905, making it the second oldest guitar manufacturer south of the Pyrenees. Today's Luthier Manuel Rodríguez III grew up in California and Spain and is already the third generation to practice his craft. The cosmopolitan way of life that so characterises Manuel is reflected in each and every instrument. Their unique grace and unmistakable sound result from the skillful combination of the tradition and modernity of the craft, the history and future of music, and the craftsmanship and experience of the builders.

"We live the development of our guitars with passion, through which we have increasingly succeeded from generation to generation in perfecting a centuries-old manufacturing technique more and more."

- Manuel Rodriguez III.

In cooperation with GEWA music, Manuel Rodriguez has now redesigned his guitar series from the ground up, setting clear quality standards. Not least because of this, ECOLOGÍA, TRADICÍON, ACADEMIA, SUPERIOR and MAGISTRAL are manufactured in Europe under his personal supervision. The SIGNATURE LEGACY Series even comes directly from Spain, where the master still runs his own workshop.


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