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Picking up the Sound of your Soul since 1976...

Our mission is to be the undisputed technological leader in the pickup industry, creating exceptional products that empower musicians around the globe to explore and express their passion for performance.

The original concept and intent in designing the first EMG’s was to create a pickup that translated an instrument’s tone more realistically with improved characteristics; making the instrument play and sound more musical. We’ve created a line of pickups that speaks to what musicians in the real world are asking for: versatility, reliability, responsiveness, and great all around tone. There truly is no comparison between EMG’s and other conventional pickups on the market today. EMG’s have a much broader frequency response that’s better for capturing harmonics, chord definition, individual notes, and overall dynamics. We never forget that a pickup is a product of a good design recipe which directly affects the type of music you play and how you play it. Included here are some of the elements of our design considerations which ultimately influence the final result.


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