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Innovation and Strength – Ultimate Support Pillars of Succes...

For over 30 years, Ultimate Support Systems has provided musicians with unique support solutions that are crafted with unparalleled innovation and quality and accompanied by superior customer service. We are determined to invent, design, and manufacturer the smartest support solutions and music accessories in the music industry.

Always Seeking Innovation
Innovation is at the core of Ultimate Support’s past, present, and future. You can trace Ultimate Support’s roots back to 1977, when company founder, musician, and inventor Darrell Schoenig developed an alternative to the existing unwieldy and unsightly speaker stands. His innovative solution, a compact, durable, aluminum stand crafted from parts of a hang-glider, was the prototype for the first in a series of pioneering support stands for speakers, keyboards, guitars, and more.

Today, support products like the TS-100B speaker stand, which features an air-powered telescoping mechanism that assists in smoothly raising and lowering heavy speakers with minimal effort, and the APEX AX-90 keyboard stand with fully-adjustable arms and patent-pending Quad Pod technology for enhance stability, continue to demonstrate Ultimate Support's claim to being first to market with innovative solutions.

Innovative Technologies and Products
To design, develop, and engineer innovative products that are diversified from typical “off-the-shelf” offerings while providing value and quality, Ultimate Support employs an in-house Design Engineer staff with state-of-the-art modeling software and workstations and an on-site prototype shop with CNC capabilities. With these capabilities, Ultimate Support stands and accessories are researched and tested in the U.S. before they’re brought to market worldwide. Finally, to ensure the successful transition from design to manufacturing, With over three decades of successful product development, Ultimate Support has had hundreds of design and utility patents, and is in a constant state of patent pending.

Award-winning Customer Service & Limited Lifetime Warranty
For over 30 years, Ultimate Support has been the music and sound industry’s choice for support and accessory products. Not only are our products unsurpassed in innovation, design, and functionality, our award-winning, US-based Customer Service Department is outstanding. Ultimate Support is dedicated to providing each customer with first-class attention by offering a toll-free experience with a friendly, highly-trained Service Professional who works in our corporate offices in Loveland, Colorado.

The Professional Choice of Stands
Ultimate Support stands and accessories are the choice of touring bands, recording artists, and professional venues worldwide. The pros choose Ultimate Support products because they are proven not to fail when it matters most – in the heat of a concert and while on tour. Joey Supak, Stage Manager for Tim McGraw said, “We choose Ultimate Support Systems because of its undeniable durability that never fails night after night.” Kevin Antunes, Music Director and Keyboardist for NSync and Justin Timberlake said, “I’ve never had a stand as solid as the Ultimate IQ stand. It doesn’t sway at all and my keyboard never moves when I’m playing.” 


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