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Electric-Acoustic Guitar (r)Evolution

Even after more than 50 years, Ovation guitars are still one of the most advanced, forward-thinking and unique designs in the acoustic guitar market. In fact, unlike other acoustic guitars or acoustic-electric guitars, Ovations are truly “electric-acoustic” guitars. These are instruments where the advanced design and integrated electronics are not an after-thought, not a modification to an instrument built to be acoustic… not a compromise to an entirely different focus.

On Ovation guitars, the carefully thought out electronics are part of the design focus from the very beginning. These instruments were Made For The Stage, and as such, they incorporate the latest and most purposeful pickups, preamps and design integration possible. Add to this the sophisticated body design, space-aged materials and superior top construction and you truly have a revolutionary instrument ready to command attention on any stage, in any concert hall or performance venue.


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