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The Drummers Choice...

DW really is an American success story. ‘American Dream’ is not a term we use lightly and we are thankful that our passion and dedication to the art of drum-building has brought us to this place. I’m not just speaking about DW Founder, Don Lombardi, or resident Drum Designer, John Good. I’m talking about the team of dedicated employees and craftsmen that make the instruments by hand, including the machine shop workers that mill parts on a daily basis and the CAD engineers that translate the ideas into workable models. Our story also includes the professional drummers that have believed in our mission statement from day one. Some of them are household names, and others are accomplished musicians that back up the household names on some of the most notable stages and in some of the most legendary studios the world has known.

We’re a company making products to better the art of drumming, but you’re the ones using the tools we make to create music. Music is the reason we’re here doing what we do. Drum Workshop wasn’t founded as a means to do anything other than educate drummers and make a contribution to the drumming community. You don’t play drums because you have to; you play because it’s a burning desire inside you. For you, drums aren’t just an instrument or daily activity, they’re a lifestyle. You call yourself a drummer because you’re proud to be part of something that brings art and creativity into the world.

DW is a privately-held, family-owned business that cares deeply about the instrument, the art form, and where it’s all headed. We want to see future generations share the same dream we do. We’re listening. It’s the only way we can take things to the next level and live up to our slogan, The Drummer’s Choice.


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